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Updates and Announcements

Power to the People

In our latest release, our proposal section has been updated to include a proposed governance framework that empowers the community through the Star Atlas DAO.

Our proposal includes:

- Ratification of the Star Atlas DAO, which is the decentralized autonomous organization that makes decisions affecting critical aspects of the Star Atlas metaverse.

- Ratification of the Star Atlas Constitution, which describes the permissions, processes, and overall framework of the DAO.

- Ratification of the operations of the Star Atlas Foundation, an independent legal entity protecting certain elements of the Star Atlas DAO.

Community Driven Governance

What is the Star Atlas DAO?

The Star Atlas DAO is your opportunity to influence the destiny of every aspect of Star Atlas.

“The Long-term vision of Star Atlas is an autonomous, player-owned game, fully controlled and funded by decentralized governance."

- Star Atlas white paper

How does the DAO work?

Utilizing multi-signature wallets and on-chain proposal voting, members decide economic and political control of the entire Star Atlas Metaverse.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization(s), or DAO, are member owned governance organizations whose actions are programmatically determined by on-chain consensus mechanisms. The Star Atlas ecosystem is guided by the DAO with governances for player guilds, regional and factional authority, and ultimately, the future for all its citizens.

Leadership by Commitment.

Voting power is determined by both the quantity of tokens as well as the length of time one is willing to commit their resources.

The Star Atlas DAO uses a voting-escrow (VE) model in which POLIS tokens are staked in an escrow account in return for voting power. This voting-escrow model favors community members with long-term conviction in the Star Atlas vision, and is resilient against governance attacks such as just-in-time voting or flash loan exploits.

Coming Soon

Proposals and Voting.

Bring your best concepts to life through detailed proposals and get consensus through on-chain community voting.

The Star Atlas DAO will use POLIS Improvement Proposals, or PIPs, to provide information to the Star Atlas community about proposed new features, processes, or experience changes to the Star Atlas Metaverse. Authors provide concise technical specifications and rationale for a feature while building advocacy within the community through engaged discussions.

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